Bin Collection Change Mon 18 and Tues 19 July : Amber weather warning*


If your collection day is Monday or Tuesday please put your bin out the night before. To keep our crews safe in the heat, they will be starting work from 5am, before it gets very hot in the afternoon.


Please bear with us if there are any missed bins.

We may not pick them up until the next morning. If there are any missed bins, our crew will work hard to make sure they are prioritised the next day.


We are sorry for the change and if we are a bit noisy earlier than usual.


Surrey Walking Clubs

Looking for great walks in Surrey? 

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Guildford Local Plan

Judicial Review

November 2019

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GBC Cllr. Elections

GBC July 2020

Lib Dems 17 Seats

R4GV 16 Seats

Cons 4 - Cons Ind. 4

GGG 3 seats, Lab 2 Seats, Ind 1 Seat

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Guildford Elections

Lib Dems 17 Seats

R4GV 15 Seats

Cons 9 Seats

GGG 4 seats, Lab 2 Seats, Green 1 Seat

Basket of Flowers

Mayor's Award

In 2019 Cllr Chris Sharples was awarded the Mayor's Award for Services to the Community

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Charity Walk

100 Mile Walk

To mark the centenary of the end of WW2, Joanna Cadman (Clerk to Compton & Albury Parish Councils) walked 100 miles for the RBL Charity

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Phone Box

Compton Phone Box 

The phone box has gone from rags to riches and even has its own Instagram account!

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Local Plan

2017 Local Plan Response

By Green Balance

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BT Decommission

BT Decommissions Phone Box

Fewer calls end of the need for a public phone box


Mayoral Referendum

Guildford voted against leadership by a single Mayor

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CPC opposes Plan

Compton Parish Council is unable to support the Local Plan at latest Reg 19 Consultation

46 Bus

Petition to keep bus

Changes that would result in Compton losing its bus service were postponed following a petition

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Response Summary

Response Summary

The summary of responses to the Local Plan reveals widespread objection and condemnation

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Master Plan


Villages are concerned about moving traffic out of Guildford without defined alternative routes

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Localism Act

Results in a flurry of consultations

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