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The Street, Compton, Highway & Public Realm Improvements [£0.4 million]


15.The project will introduce traffic calming measures to improve road safety and enhance public realm in Compton, creating a high-quality environment which is attractive and safe for all road users.


16.The project seeks to introduce raised tables in suitable locations along The Street to address known speeding issues. Gateways into the village will also further help reduce vehicle speeds. These will be co-designed with community groups, residents and the Parish Council to ensure they reflect and celebrate local heritage. The project will include enhancement of the existing public realm and improved biodiversity through the introduction of new planting areas and seating. This will create a more pleasant space for residents to enjoy, contributing to improved health and wellbeing. Pedestrian and cycle improvements are also being considered along Down Lane, encouraging access to The Watts Gallery and Chapel. The bus stop area outside the Watts Gallery will be upgraded to further encourage active travel and create a safe waiting area for pedestrians.


17.Initial stakeholder engagement has taken place with the Parish Council and other key local stakeholders such as Watts Gallery. A wider community engagement event is planned to take place in March.


18.The total cost of the scheme is estimated to be in the region of £400,000 funded by SCC. Match funding options are limited in this locality but are currently being explored, and if secured would reduce the SCC proposed contribution accordingly.

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