Parish Clerk - Joanna Cadman

Rumbeams Cottage

Ewhurst Green




Landline 01483 268 627
Mobile   07711 566 458

Parish Councillors

Reporting Area

Environment / Village Hall
Borough Council / Local Plan
Watts Gallery 
None set
Allotments / Highways
None set
Planning applications are sent to all councillors for comment 

Borough & County Councillors

Guildford Borough Council - Shalford Ward
Cllr.Ramsey Nagaty (Leader of Guildford Greenbelt Group GGG)  Guildford Borough Council
Cllr.Chris Blow (Residents For Guildford & Villages R4GV) Guildford Borough Council
Cllr. Matt Furniss (Conservative) Surrey County Councillor 

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