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This was collected by residents, a week before lockdown. Fantastic effort.

Memorial before.png

War Memorial

The war memorial was professionally cleaned and restored

memorial after .png

War Memorial

The names of villagers who served in WW1 and WW2, now clearly visible.

memorial 3.jpeg

War Memorial

The project was finished in time for the WW2 Centenary marking the end of the war, 100 years after the event in 2018.

WM 3.png

 Memorial Light

As part of the restoration the electrics and lamp were reinstated. 

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After 5 years of data collection, part of the B3000 is made an Air Quality Management Area. No workable solution has yet been implemented by GBC.

sign 2.png

Village Sign

Cllr Sharples facilitates the design and installation of a new village sign. The opening ceremony is well attended.

Almsgate 2.png

The Avenue

Roadside shrubbery is cleared to improve  pedestrian safety.

Almsgate .png


Ditch deepened to improve drainage.

Cemetery rail.png

Hand Rail

A handrail is erected at Watts Cemetery to improve safety for visitors

30 MPH.png


A camera sign with the 30 MPH VAS was agreed but unfortunately, SCC replaced it,  without the sign, as lack of police checks meant the B3000 failed the criteria test.

Play area.png

Play Area

A new fence and extended activity centre is added to the play area in phase one of the scheme. A Zip-wire will hopefully follow in phase 2.

Withies Pond.png

Withies Pond

The silt was removed and re-sited

Minor landscape improvements to surroundings - and today the Withies pond is an attractive feature for residents and wildlife

Review PC.png

Meetings Review

Result- Clerk to spend 2 hours a week in Compton, would copy in relevant councillors on all correspondence and PC to consider monthly meetings if needed

Local Plan.png

Independent Surveys

 Compton Parish Council contributed towards an independent SHMA carried out by GRA (Guildford Residents' Association) a traffic survey and a landscape assessment.


Common Clearance

Residents came out in force to help clear the woodlands of the dreaded Himalayan Balsam.  

clearance 1.png

Common Clearance

Drinks afterwards at the Withies made the hard work worthwhile!



Compton Parish Council website was produced. We hope you find it useful.

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